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Surf Mama Surfschool is a place where the passion for surfing and the desire to teach meet. Our goal is to provide a unique and enriching experience for all of our students, regardless of their age or skill level. With experienced instructors and a personalized teaching methodology, we seek to train confident and safe surfers, who can enjoy the sea fully and consciously.

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Is Peniche a good place to surf?

Certainly, Peniche is one of the favorite destinations for surf lovers in Europe, offering us truly extraordinary waves and beaches that adapt to all levels of surfers. This city radiates a vibrant surfing culture, being the setting for several events throughout the year. If you are passionate about surfing, a visit to Peniche is simply unmissable. Allow yourself to immerse yourself in the magic of this unique place!

I've never surfed, can I sign up?

Absolutely! If you've never tried surfing, this is your perfect opportunity to sign up. Surfing is an experience accessible to everyone, regardless of age. Come and discover the fascination of the waves with us!

What should I take to prepare for the surf lesson?

Don't forget to bring water, towel, sunscreen and a small snack. We are ready to provide you with an incredible experience on the waves!

Where do our surf lessons take place?

The experiences take place on the stunning beaches of Peniche and Baleal. The selection of beaches is carefully made, adjusting to the dynamic conditions of wind, tide and swell, always providing an ideal setting for each session.

Is there an extended surfing service with personalized support?

Yes, we present our exclusive Surf Academy program, perfect for those who want to explore the waves all year round. With affordable prices, this program offers more personalized support, making it an ideal choice for residents in Peniche, digital nomads and visitors planning an extended stay. The Academy was designed with the purpose of providing continuous surfing training, highlighting its focus on technical development. A unique experience, where surfing becomes a constant journey of improvement!

Is our Surf Academy program only for intermediate level surfers?

No matter your level of surfing experience, our Academy is welcoming and offers personalized lessons tailored to your individual needs. With experienced instructors and a variety of surf spots, we ensure you learn at your own pace and in ideal conditions for your level. Join us and improve your surfing skills, enjoying fun times in the waves!

I will stay in Peniche for a few months, can I join the Surf Academy program?

The Surf Academy is an exceptional opportunity to improve your surfing skills and meet new sports enthusiasts. With a minimum stay of one month, the academy provides ongoing training and an authentic immersion in the vibrant local surf culture. If you are looking for an enriching experience in the waves, the Academy is the ideal choice for you.

Is Peniche ideal for digital nomads?

If you are a digital nomad and are considering living in Peniche for a few months, Peniche is the ideal place for digital nomads.

If you are passionate about surfing, or even if you have never tried it, if you love our delicious cuisine and the climate of Peniche, we have something special for you. Sign up to our Surf Academy and choose the package that best suits your availability to surf. With affordable prices, you can enjoy surfing all year round in Peniche, improve your technique and meet people who share the same experience of working remotely. Come be part of this incredible local culture and community. During your extended stay, you'll have access to nearby coworking spaces, community events, and amenities tailored for digital nomads, whether for work or leisure. Peniche's proximity to the large city of Lisbon, as well as other charming villages, offers opportunities for exploration and cultural immersion.

What is the minimum age required for surfing lessons?

The minimum age required for surfing lessons is 8 years old. Depending on your child's swimming ability and sea conditions, a private lesson may be necessary.
Transport to the beach via our vans is only available to participants aged 12 years or over.

Where are the surf lessons?

Do you have private classes?

This service is more personalized and guarantees more detailed and personalized support with an experienced coach exclusively for you throughout the duration of the Surf lesson. These classes can have a minimum of 1 person and a maximum of 2 people.

 Private lessons are recommended for those looking for faster results or for someone who finds it difficult to surf, overcoming some technical, physical or psychological barriers that prevent them from progressing.
All classes always have a theoretical and practical part covering safety techniques and rules and demonstrating them.

What is the student to instructor ratio during surf lessons?

In our surf classes, we maintain a minimum ratio of 2 students and a maximum of 5 students per instructor. However, in special cases, such as families or groups of friends, we may make an exception and allow up to 6 students per instructor. We prioritize small groups to ensure the quality of the class and the safety of all participants. We carefully assess the learning levels and age of each student to adapt the content and dynamics of the class to individual needs. In surfskate classes, groups have a minimum of 2 students and a maximum of 4 students.

Is transportation to the beach provided?

Yes, we offer transport to the beach. Although we operate mobile with our equipped van, where we transport all the necessary technical material, the majority of our clients prefer to meet us directly at the previously agreed place and time for the surf lesson.

What types of boards are provided in surfing lessons for beginners?

In classes for beginners, we provide softboards, boards specially designed to ensure safe learning appropriate to each student's level. These boards are ideal for learning how to stand up and make your first slides on the waves. Easy to control and perfect for mastering the basics of surfing.

Do you provide material for more advanced surfers?

Yes, we have a wide selection of surfboards for more advanced surfers. From smaller sized boards to different materials, we are prepared to meet the needs of each surfer, adapting to specific sea conditions and individual preferences.

Where are surf classes held?

Our headquarters are located in Peniche, but we adopt a mobile approach. Every day, we move between the beaches of Peniche, Baleal and Ferrel in search of the ideal conditions for surfing, adjusting to the specific safety conditions for each level of learning and participant.

1- Customers are advised to go to the location previously indicated by the surf school, as communicated in advance to all those who make reservations via email or Whatsapp. Upon arriving at the agreed point, they will find all the necessary technical equipment (suit, board and leash), with the instructor ready to provide instructions and lead students to the beach for the surf lesson.

2- After the end of the surf lesson, customers must return the technical equipment to the responsible instructor, allowing the school to transport it back to the physical storage location.

We make vans available to our participants, duly equipped to transport passengers and all the technical material necessary for our surfing classes. It is important to note that, in this offer, the customer's transportation to the beach is included, no transportation is provided, it is the customer's responsibility to be present at the beach or at the meeting point previously designated for the activity.