Welcome to Surf Mama School, Where the Passion for Waves Comes to Life!

At Surf Mama School, we not only surf the waves, but we also cultivate a love for surfing. Specializing in surf and skate lessons for beginners and intermediates, we offer everything you need, whether you're taking your first steps or improving your skills.

Our experienced instructors are ready to guide, inspire and help you conquer those epic waves like a true pro. Certified by the Portuguese Surfing Federation, our school provides classes for all levels of surfers. However, we are not a conventional surf school. Our goal is to create a fun and inclusive environment where everyone feels part of the family.

We believe that surfing goes beyond being just a sport; It's a lifestyle. Get ready to immerse yourself in the universe of surf culture, make lasting friendships and experience the thrill of gliding on the waves.

You may wonder why we are called Surf Mama School. The answer is simple. We all embrace the spirit of mother nature and the nourishing energies she provides. Just like a mother cares for her children, we are here to nurture your surfing journey, providing the knowledge, skills and support you need to become a confident, hardcore surfer.

How We Operate

Our headquarters are located in Peniche, but we adopt a mobile approach. Every day, we move between the beaches of Peniche, Baleal and Ferrel in search of ideal conditions for surfing, adjusting to the specific safety conditions for each level of learning and participant.

1- Customers are advised to go to the location previously indicated by the surf school, as communicated in advance to all those who make reservations via email or Whatsapp. Upon arriving at the agreed point, they will find all the necessary technical equipment (suit, board and leash), with the instructor ready to provide instructions and lead students to the beach for the surf lesson.

2- After the end of the surf lesson, customers must return the technical equipment to the responsible instructor, allowing the school to transport it back to the physical storage location.

We make vans available to our participants, duly equipped to transport passengers and all the technical material necessary for our surfing classes. It is important to note that, in this offer, the customer's transportation to the beach is included, no transportation is provided, it is the customer's responsibility to be present at the beach or at the meeting point previously designated for the activity.


Peniche, a jewel on the west coast of Portugal, is a paradise for surf lovers. Internationally recognized for its exceptional conditions, this coastal city offers a perfect setting for surfers of all levels.

With beaches that feature consistent and varied waves, Peniche wins over local and global surfers. Its relaxed atmosphere and favorable natural conditions make it a top destination for those looking for adrenaline in the waves. Supertubos beach stands out, in particular, for its high-quality tubular waves, attracting both professionals and amateurs. It is no coincidence that it hosts the prestigious WSL World Surf League world championship, where the best surfers in the world face one of the most challenging waves in Portugal.

The strategic location of our school allows us to explore Peniche’s full potential. From gentler waves for beginners to challenging spots for the more experienced, we are prepared to offer an unforgettable surfing experience. We take advantage of winds from various directions and the region's natural resources to ensure that each student makes the most of their journey in the waters of Peniche.

In Peniche, surfing is more than a sport; It's a lifestyle. Welcome to this vibrant city and let yourself be enveloped by the energy of its waves, as well as the local cuisine and fishing. At our surf school, we look forward to sharing our passion for surfing with you and exploring together everything that Peniche has to offer. Get ready for an exciting adventure in the Atlantic waters of Peniche, where each wave is an opportunity to overcome and have fun.

Meet Surf Mama

In a trajectory that originated from a dream come true, Inês immersed herself in the universe of surfing while still young, allowing herself to be enveloped by the passion that infects all true lovers of this sport. His foray into the world of surfing began early, with summer experiences that became the foundation of a professional career and an academic journey dedicated to surfing.

On Portuguese soil, where specialized surfing training opportunities abound, Inês chose to dedicate her time and effort to following the path of Surf Coach. A decision that marked the beginning of an endless journey. Currently, holder of the prestigious Grade I and Grade II certifications by the Portuguese Surfing Federation, in addition to international recognition from the ISA (International Surfing Association).

Inês shares her knowledge with immense pleasure and passion, transmitting not only surfing techniques, but also the essence and deep connection with the sea. Its positive influence extends to hundreds of people, encouraging them to adopt surfing as a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, he helps other surfers overcome challenges, becoming a crucial figure in promoting the spirit of surfing.

Don't miss the opportunity to meet her and embark on this enriching journey of discovery in the fascinating world of surfing!