Peniche, a jewel on the west coast of Portugal, is a paradise for surf lovers. Internationally recognized for its exceptional conditions, this coastal city offers a perfect setting for surfers of all levels.

With beaches that feature consistent and varied waves, Peniche wins over local and global surfers. Its relaxed atmosphere and favorable natural conditions make it a top destination for those looking for adrenaline in the waves. Supertubos beach stands out, in particular, for its high-quality tubular waves, attracting both professionals and amateurs. It is no coincidence that it hosts the prestigious WSL World Surf League world championship, where the best surfers in the world face one of the most challenging waves in Portugal.

The strategic location of our school allows us to explore Peniche’s full potential. From gentler waves for beginners to challenging spots for the more experienced, we are prepared to offer an unforgettable surfing experience. We take advantage of winds from various directions and the region's natural resources to ensure that each student makes the most of their journey in the waters of Peniche.

In Peniche, surfing is more than a sport; It's a lifestyle. Welcome to this vibrant city and let yourself be enveloped by the energy of its waves, as well as the local cuisine and fishing. At our surf school, we look forward to sharing our passion for surfing with you and exploring together everything that Peniche has to offer. Get ready for an exciting adventure in the Atlantic waters of Peniche, where each wave is an opportunity to overcome and have fun.

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